Supportive Local Government

​Business-Friendly Process:
  • ​City staff work to streamline application and approval processes as well as quickly approve zoning requests. The City makes opening up a new business or relocating your business as hassle-free as possible. For example, the City does not require a business license, and building permit reviews typically take less than 10 business days.
  • Attracting and retaining good businesses are top priorities for the City. Our City fosters an environment of collaboration, competition, and choice. City staff work closely together to coordinate the right team of experts to meet your needs. 
  • For more information on how the City helps businesses, visit the Testimonials page.
​Emphasis on Growth:
  • Important goals of the City include promoting revitalization that enhances the public realm and expands its unique offerings, as well as cultivating environmental and economic sustainability. Some of the commercial and business centers have aged and are ripe with opportunities for new activity and redevelopment.
  • The City's economic development activities are designed to stimulate business growth, both large and small and generate local jobs. The City is highly responsive to new businesses that show interest in locating in Laguna Hills.
  • Laguna Hills understands the important relationship between the health of the business community and the maintenance of a high quality of life for its residents. For this reason, the City is committed to promoting and assisting in the success of our businesses. To achieve this goal, the City aggressively works to promote, retain, and attract quality businesses.
  • The City features a wide variety of commercial activity centers, such as the Urban Village Specific Plan Area, Alicia Gateway, and North Business Park. These areas provide multiple opportunities for residential, commercial, and mixed used development. The City also has existing infrastructure in place to serve new development.