The Village at Laguna Hills (Formerly Five Lagunas)

In March of 2016, the City approved a plan for the renovation of the Laguna Hills Mall which included approximately 880,000 square feet of new and renovated commercial retail space, movie theaters, restaurants, and 988 residential units. The approved plan was known as Five Lagunas. Within the last year, the property owner of Five Lagunas, Merlone-Geier Partners (MGP), informed City staff that they could not move forward with the approved 2016 plan.

On November 1, 2019, MGP submitted a development application to the City to replace the Five Lagunas project approved in 2016. Renamed, “The Village at Laguna Hills”, MGP’s development proposal includes the following:

Retail: +/-225,000 square feet – +/-300,000 square feet

Hotel: 125 Rooms

Office: +/-390,000 square feet – +/-520,000 square feet

Mixed Use/ Residential: +/- 1,200 units – 1,500 units

For additional information, please contact Jay Wuu, Senior Planner by phone at 949-707-2662 or by email at

Link to Planning Division "Planning Projects & New Developments" Page: The Village at Laguna Hills