Builder's Remedy

What is the builder’s remedy?

The Housing Accountability Act, Government Code Section 65589.5 (the “HAA”), includes a special provision [Government Code Section 65589.5(d)], colloquially referred to as the “builder’s remedy”, to encourage housing production that takes effect when a City’s Housing Element is out of compliance. Under the HAA, the City of Laguna Hills adopted a substantially compliant Housing Element update on June 28, 2022. 

The following table is the status of applications purported to be Builders Remedy projects that have been submitted to the City:

APNAppl-icationPlansTotal Proposed UnitsAffordable Units# of StoriesPreliminary SB330 Application SubmittedFormal SB330 Application SubmittedPreliminary Application Submittal Date
Formal Application Submittal Date
La Paz Road
620-211-15, 17, 18LINKLINK190385YesYes12/14/202206/12/2023

Formal Builder's Remedy Applications

Project Name:La Paz Village Senior Living
Project Address:25250-25254 La Paz Road
Applicant Name:Nick Buchanan, La Paz Village Investors, LLC
Project Plans:Click this link to view
CorrespondenceCity Staff Comment Letter - 7/11/23