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City of Laguna Hills Short-Term Rental Survey

  1. The Laguna Hills City Council is seeking the community’s input regarding short-term rentals in Laguna Hills. A short-term rental is a residential property that is rented on platforms such as VRBO or AirBNB for a brief duration, less than 30 days.  A brief online survey will be open from Monday, November 14, 2022 to Thursday, December 1, 2022. The survey results will be presented at a future City Council public meeting.  For more information, please contact Larry Longenecker at

  2. Are you a resident of Laguna Hills?*
  3. Are you aware of any short-term rentals operating near your home?*
  4. How would you feel about having a short-term rental operating near your home?*
  5. Have you ever been disrupted by short-term rentals in your neighborhood (e.g., noise, lack of parking, security issue)?*
  6. What might be your biggest concern with a short-term rental operating near your home?*
  7. Do you believe short-term rentals should be allowed in Laguna Hills?*
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