Contract Instructor Information

Thank you for your interest in offering classes to our community. Please take the time to review the information below before completing the Contract Instructor Application (PDF).


The Laguna Hills Community Center and Sports Complex offers a variety of rooms and fields for use by Contract Instructors. Depending on the nature of the class being offered, City staff can assist Instructors with finding the most suitable location. Community Services staff will ensure that facilities are clean and set-up as requested. Contract Instructors are responsible for providing all class materials. Contract Instructors must leave facilities clean after each use.


Due to liability and reporting requirements, the Laguna Hills Community Services Department is responsible for taking all class registration via mail, in person, or online. The department collects program registration and payment, issues refunds, and handles all other related administrative responsibilities. Contract Instructors may obtain their class rosters through the City's online registration system.


The Contract Instructor receives 70% of revenue generated from classes unless other arrangements are made. Instructors are paid within 14 days of completion of classes or within 21 days of a 1 day workshop.


Contract Instructors and their Sub-Contractors are required to participate in fingerprinting and a background check. It will be the Instructor's responsibility to obtain and pay for a fingerprinting appointment with the City's fingerprinting agency. No Contract Instructor may teach a class until they have been notified by City staff that they have cleared this process.

Class Publicity

The Community Services Department advertises classes and programs via social media and web-based avenues. Instructors may create and distribute their own flyers only if they have been reviewed and approved by the Community Services Department.


The City of Laguna Hills provides liability insurance through SCMAF for class participants. The City does not maintain any workers compensation, accident, or any other type of insurance coverage for independent contractors.