Restaurant Recycling and Organics Bins (AB 827)

AB 827: Mandatory Recycling and Organics Recycling Bins


Effective July 1, 2020, Assembly Bill 827 (AB 827) mandates food service establishments to provide customers with disposal containers for three types of materials – food scraps, recyclables, and trash – generated from products purchased and consumed onsite.

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Which businesses are subject to the law?

  • Businesses covered in Mandatory Commercial Recycling and Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling laws.
  • Any food generating establishment where customers bus their own tables, such as fast-food restaurants.

What is Required by this Law?

  • Businesses must provide customers with recycling and organics collection bins adjacent to each in-house trash bin (restroom bins are excluded). 
  • Bins must be in clear view and easily accessible.
  • Bins must be properly labelled to indicate which materials can be placed inside. 
    1. Common organic materials include plate scrapings (leftover food) and food-soiled paper. 
    2. Common recyclable materials include clean and dry paper and cardboard, empty and dry aluminum cans and plastic beverage bottles.
    3. Common trash materials include plastic single-use utensils, plastic straws, condiment packets, and soft drink cups.

What if a business sells food that is consumed off-site?

  • If all materials are consumed off-site and the business does not already provide a trash container for customers, then organic recycling collection bins are not needed.

Any exemptions?

  • Full-service restaurants are exempt; they are not required to provide customers with organics and recycling collection bins. However, businesses must provide properly labelled bins next to trash bins for employees to separate all post-consumer materials.
  • Due to COVID-19, if customers are not allowed to consume products onsite, then businesses need not to supply proper bins and signage at this time. Businesses will need to have bins in place when customers are allowed to consume products onsite again.

Getting Started

Businesses may create their own signage or utilize examples from CalRecycle’s website here. To implement a program or seek information about your business’s recycling requirements, please contact the City’s Solid Waste Consultant at (949) 503-5030 or